NanoMotif is an emerging leader in the development and production of functional nanostructured materials and surfaces. Our primary focus is nano- and single micron width meshes and structures made of “printed” metal that provides unprecedented light transmittance and sheet resistivity. Primary markets include touch displays, transparent heaters, EMI/RF shielding, electrochromics, antennas and other transparent conductive technologies.

Formed in 2011, NanoMotif has a number of patent pending technologies, including our high volume, roll to roll fabrication processes. Our current concentration is on the development of commercial-level production methods to both greatly reduce cost and vastly improve the performance of products which require the use of patterned transparent conductive materials.

We offer unique process technology to meet your needs for innovative product configurations and designs. NanoMotif is open to partnership agreements and business ventures with other companies. 

Large Touch Displays
EMI Shielding
Electrochromic Glass
Transparent Resistive Heaters

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Email: info@nanomotif.com

Phone: 651-645-1749